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General Medicine

The Department of Medicine, ACMS and BHDC has a dedicated faculty imparting state of the art patient care and excellent academics to its students. It is our mission and commitment to educate our students both, in the science and art of Medicine, while providing a comfortable, safe, yet disciplined environment.

The Department is located in the Third floor, Academic Block. The undergraduate students join the department after passing their first professional exams. From here onwards their journey into clinical medicine starts, where they are introduced to the hospital functioning and patient care. Also they are apprised of the various roles of an Indian medical Graduate which they would be expected to as fulfil as they embark on their journey to become clinicians in the society.

In consonance with the new CBME curriculum, training in the hospital begins in the wards, OPD, Trauma centre, and also involves rotations in various sub-specialities so that the new learner-doctor gets a holistic view of the functioning of the Department of Medicine. Also, students are taught various skills including communication skills as well as maintaining a good attitude towards patients, colleagues and staff in the hospital.

It is also our constant endeavour to instil in the young minds the values of professional honesty, the need to critically analyse ethical issues and maintain high standards of professional conduct at all times.


The MBBS students have regular theory classes and clinical postings in Medicine, starting from second phase to final phase MBBS, which continues over a three year period. Presently the new curriculum, the CBME is being followed, which was introduced with the MBBS batch of 2019. The training involves regular seminars, tutorials, and small group teaching of students apart from lectures in integration with various departments. Assessment of students is done formatively based on class-tests, exams and participation in academic activities held over time. The prelim exams are held at end of final phase part 2 and followed by summative university professional exam, the Third Professional MBBS Part-II Exam.


The Department is actively contributing to research in the institute. The students are encouraged to take up various research projects and have bagged the ICMR STS Scholarships, presented papers and posters in national conferences under the guidance of faculty.

The Faculty consists of Internal Medicine specialists including specialists in field of Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology and Endocrinology. Faculty are also actively involved in research on topics of their interest, both clinical research and research in the field of medical education, Various research projects undertaken and published by faculty are also available on website.